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Welcome/Republic Day

26/01/2016 22:30 Written by Saintslover

Greetings passengers! 

We're very glad you've all joined us lately, and we're hoping you are finding your way around the chat with ease! Whilst we're still not "launched" 100% we are getting there, and we have noticed your presence! We'd like to give those of you who are with us an official WELCOME from the team! 

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us! We're around daily! 

We'd also like to wish you a very happy Republic Day! Some of us, until recently had not heard of the full celebrations, but after reading about things like the 3 day pride, we can only imagine how amazing your next 3 days might be! 

We hope that you have an amazing time, the pictures and videos we have seen look outstanding! The Surya Kiran team remind us of our very own Red Arrows... and the Rashtrapati Bhavan looks simply beautiful when lit up! 

As we said above, have a great few days and we'll see you all soon! 

All the best

The Lycos Chat India Team.

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